All images and designs © Kristine Fachet  2013-2017

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Sur Le Feu

Why Handmade?

Imagine if you knew where every item in your closet came from.  If your favorite pair of shoes had its own story from start to finish, from the person that designed it to the clerk that placed it on the shelf before you found it, fell in love, and took it home.  Would you think about those shoes differently?  Would it make them even more special and treasured?

In the big box world of retail, it’s impossible to know the story behind each piece.  Those shoes are just one pair in a million designed for mass consumption and eventually disposable.

But when you buy handmade, that’s not the case.

When you buy handmade, you’re interacting directly with the creator of the thing you’re going to buy.  That person has their own story, their own life, and the things they create are a huge part of it.  We create for the love of what we do, and we want other people to love our creations just as much.  

Every piece I make has its own story.  I can tell you if the purse you’re buying was a made from a piece of vintage fabric I found at an estate sale, or maybe it started life as a scrap of fabric leftover from one of my theater design projects.  There’s a closeness to the creative process that you can’t find anywhere BUT with an independent artisan.

And despite what connotations the word “handmade” may carry for some people, this isn’t like shopping your mother’s craft fair where you can find snowmen made out of pompoms and googly eyes.  To see the care and detail that goes into each piece I make, click here.

Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you fall in love with the handmade world just as I have!


We create for the love of what we do, and we want other people to love our creations just as much