All images and designs © Kristine Fachet  2013-2014

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Vintage Inspired Handbags
And Accessories

About Kristine Fachet, Owner/Designer:

I’m a maker at heart.  Doesn’t matter if it’s sewing, crafting, or even the occasional home improvement project, I’m not happy unless my hands are busy creating something new and wonderful!  

I grew up in a house where DIY was a way of life, and sewing seems to be in my blood - my mother and grandmothers are all talented seamstresses, and it was a skill that was taught to me at a young age the same way reading or writing would be for anyone else.  

Eventually, this skill would become a career when I achieved my BFA in costume design for the theater.  This degree combined my two favorite things: making things, and history.  I've always been attracted to vintage pieces, and costume design provided an outlet to re-create the beautiful designs of the past.  My theatre background brings an eye for bold and unusual color combinations and a love of contrasting textures like linen and satin to the pieces I create.

I was working in a bridal shop to supplement my freelance design when inspiration struck.  Business was slow, I got bored, and soon I was making simple clutch purses out of the fabric scraps lying around the shop.  I took one to a friends' wedding and people kept asking where I found it.  Soon Sur Le Feu purses were on Etsy, with a limited edition bridal collection and custom order bridesmaid clutches soon to follow

I found the best thing about my fabric scrap purses was that I couldn't make more than one at a time.  The idea of having something that is unique and never repeated really resonates with me - one of my favorite things about collecting vintage pieces is that you'll never see another one like it.  I've applied that unique vintage feel to my purses, and no pieces are ever exactly alike in my shop.

I love the creative process, the feeling of making something unique with my own two hands, and sending my creations out into the world for other people to enjoy.  Let me make something special for you!

Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson

Makeup: Nika Vaughan

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