All images and designs © Kristine Fachet  2013-2017

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Sur Le Feu

I’m a maker at heart.  Doesn’t matter if it’s sewing, crafting, or even the occasional home improvement project, I’m not happy unless my hands are busy creating something new and wonderful!  

I grew up in a house where DIY was a way of life, and sewing seems to be in my blood - my mother and grandmothers are all talented seamstresses, and it was a skill that was taught to me at a young age the same way reading or writing would be for anyone else.  

Eventually, this skill would become a career when I achieved my BFA in costume design for the theater.  My theatre background brings a technical precision, and eye for bold and unusual color combinations, to all the pieces I create.

Sur Le Feu started with a vintage-inspired aesthetic, but in recent years I’ve found myself drifting towards the fun and geeky world of fandoms.  I grew up religiously watching every new Star Trek TV show and movie with my family,  I’ve always had a geeky streak that tends towards SciFi and Fantasy genres, and comic books were a bonding experience in my Jr. High/High School years.  It’s so much fun talking to people that are excited about the same things I’m excited about, and this fun and not-so-serious side has worked its way into my new collections.  Even my non-geeky pieces have a quirky twist that will appeal to the fun at heart, and I still bring a bit of my vintage obsession with mid-century prints and glitter flake vinyl.

I love the creative process, the feeling of making something unique with my own two hands, and sending my creations out into the world for other people to enjoy.  Let me make something special for you!

Photo credit: Elizabeth Sisson

Makeup: Nika Vaughan

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